Have I caught you dashing through December with a “To Do” list that rivals Santa’s gift list?

Let’s see…gifts, shopping, trimming the tree, what to wear, invites, seeing the lights, hosting the party, sipping the signature cocktail, getting to the gym to burn off the cocktail…

Head spinning yet?

How about a pause? A surrender?

Yes, I get it, it’s December.

It’s no big secret – as you straddle Thanksgiving and New Years a seemingly impossible amount of action happens beneath those quaking legs.

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is shouting like a megaphone as visions of “holiday have-to’s” dance in our heads.



How about a pause? A surrender?

Yes! Even though it’s December.

Don’t get me wrong. If the fates allow I am THE BIGGEST fan of festive traditions and even a magical story-book Christmas kiss.

I mean, who doesn’t want a kiss under the mistletoe in the magically decked out halls?

Ummm, yes please.

But you know what I want more than that?

NOT to stand on the tippy toes of expectation waiting for that kiss.

What I really want is to full-on rock the boat with happiness every day in December.

Holiday expectations. Heck yeah, sure you have ‘em. We all do — it’s tradition.

But newsflash, darling! What you really want is to be happy. And, a stressed out frenzied version of yourself is not your happy place. Nope. Not one bit.

So why not take that pause? Take your pulse. Surrender a bit. Just a bit to know that it may not all get done. It may not all be tied up in a bow of perfection. And, it will be ok. More than ok.

This December, shine bright like a diamond even as you take a bath and tuck yourself into bed early some nights. Know that you are so worthy of love and a kiss under the mistletoe if you so desire.

Know that you are brilliant, perfectly imperfect, and your decked out halls are magical simply because you walk them.

This December, do something different.

Pause. Take your pulse. And surrender (even just a bit).

  • Turn off the FOMO megaphone
  • Do less
  • Spend less (time, energy, money)
  • Roll right into the New Year feeling like you’ve just checked off your New Year’s resolution even before the year begins

How’s that for a To Do list?

With a pause, a kiss, and a perfectly imperfect bow,