East Meets West: An Integrative Approach

by Alpine Fit PT

Not long after I began my career as a doctor of physical therapy, I became acutely aware of the shortcomings of Western Biomedicine.

Working on the hospital floors too often I felt I was doing my clients a disservice. I was simply aiding in the treatment of their symptoms and sending them home…as quickly as possible. Despite my best efforts I rarely felt I was truly facilitating any fundamental and lasting changes to their health.

I felt like something was missing. As a result, I became increasingly interested in the spiritual and physical practices of yoga, eventually becoming certified as a yoga instructor. From there, I started up a business called Yoga Trails integrating yoga, hiking, and nature. By integrating my physical therapy knowledge of alignment and thorough understanding of anatomy I was able to lead students through yoga poses while still keeping them safe and injury free.

But, something was still missing. That’s when I discovered Ayurveda. Among other benefits, this ancient healing medicine helped me recover completely from digestive issues I had had since traveling in South America.

After pursuing Ayurveda for my own healing I took it a step further. I enrolled myself into an immersive study of Ayurvedic nutrition, massage, herbs, and lifestyle. And, in 2011, under the skilled guidance of Dr. Sundar Raman I completed my Ayurvedic training in Tamal Nadu, India.

An integrative practice is born

Now, I care for clients privately using an integrative blend of physical therapy, yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching with the principles of Ayurveda at the core.

The integrative approach I use is not just about resolving symptoms; it’s actually about delving in and discovering the root cause of the issue. It’s about making lasting changes. It’s about aging gracefully. It’s about quality of life. And, it’s about optimizing the natural healing mechanisms of the body so you can live this life fully. It’s not about treating symptoms with pills and quick fixes.

It is meaningful to me that the clients I serve are getting the best of what I have to offer and not just what some system (health insurance, big pharma, corporate health care systems, and even the FDA) says we need.

Each client I see is unique and I make every effort to understand a client’s constitution (mind- body type also known as a dosha) and to tailor my treatments to best support their overall health while we address the current issue(s).

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