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Why I love the holidays (but haven’t always)

For years I feared the holiday season. Without fail I’d gain weight and feel awful in my body. By New Years day I’d wake up with achy joints, digestive issues, and inflamed skin swearing off cookies for another year. Then, about 6 years ago, I vowed to change that tradition. The result? I love this time of year […]


Self-Guided Elimination Diet

Have you ever thought, “I eat healthy so why don’t I feel better?” It may be displeasing to realize that even “healthy” foods can slowly corrupt the digestive tract with toxins and inflammation leading to uncomfortable symptoms – gas, bloating, brain fog, achy joints, skin issues – and even more serious diseases. In Boulder Colorado […]


What makes the best bone broth?

I love bone broth, but the truth is not all broths carry equal benefits. And, if you’re like me you’re curious which broth is going to be the best for you, beyond all the hype and opinions. So, lucky for you a selfish motivation to support my own health drove me to discover “What makes […]

Why we’re sipping on Bone Broth the Fall

While it may be trendy, the use of bone broth for a wide range of range of benefits is recorded as early as 20,000 BC. And while this new age “food as medicine” is perhaps NOT a panacea cure-all it does pack a healing bounty to benefit everything from glowing skin and a healthy gut to […]


The Perfect Green Smoothie

As an Integrative Health Specialist one of the most common questions I’m asked is “what should I eat”? I believe in a whole foods, primarily plant-based diet. Green smoothies made of whole foods and lots of plants are arguably the best way to start your day. Here’s Why: 1. Living green smoothies increase the bioavailable […]


East meets West: An Integrative Approach

Not long after I began my career as a doctor of physical therapy, I became acutely aware of the shortcomings of Western Biomedicine. Working on the hospital floors too often I felt I was doing my clients a disservice. I was simply aiding in the treatment of their symptoms and sending them home…as quickly as […]