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During this call, you and your Alpine Fit Care Advisor will go over the specifics of your condition, as well as some top-level pricing information. Your Alpine Fit Care Advisor is dedicated to advocating for you at Alpine Fit and is your first line of contact.

On this Call, We Help You:

Get Your Records Ready for a Patient Evaluation with a Doctor

A prerequisite for a patient evaluation is providing our doctors with a comprehensive view of your condition and recent medical records. Your Alpine Fit Care Advisor is dedicated to helping you understand how to get your medical records so that you have all the necessary materials to move on to a patient evaluation with a doctor. In short, your your Alpine Fit Care Advisor helps you get ready for your Discovery Visit or evaluation.

Understand Top-Level Costs and Protocols

Because every patient is different, costs and extent of treatment may vary between patients and types of injury or condition. For this, we cannot give you a definitive price before your evaluation with a doctor. However, your Alpine Fit Care Advisor can answer questions, help you understand what to expect, and get a top-level understanding of pricing.

Understand Our Procedures and Outcomes

Your Alpine Fit Care Advisor can also help you by supplying educational material for you to better understand our procedures and outcomes.

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We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm mountain time. If we are open now, you can contact text or call us directly:


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