Quickly becoming one of my favorite local shops in Melbourne is a Chinese mini market. I just love to peruse the massive shelves teeming with spices and sauces. The market, as it happens, is pan-asian in genre and I have been delighted to find spices such as asafoetida and mango powder both of which are commonly used in Southern India.

The owners are eager to help and enthusiastically show off their wares. I find myself getting swept into a dream-like state imagining the creations that could later ensue in my kitchen.

On one trip to this particular market I was inspired to make lentil burgers and purchased a big bag of dried red lentils and curry powder.

Side note: A curry is not a thing or powder per se but rather a state of being as each curry powder is a unique blend of spices. The typical curry powder includes a blend of roasted and ground coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and red pepper. Curries vary according to region and tradition. In my case, as a Pitta-Type I chose a milder curry blend (one that would include less red pepper). For Kapha and Vata types, bring on the heat and go for the spicier varieties!

Contrary to what I had once thought, lentil burgers don’t need any bread crumbs, eggs, or yogurt to fill them out or keep their shape. Using only veggies, lentils, and spices you can form a beautiful, healthy, and super tasty veggie burger.

I decided to dress up my burger with avocado and tomato but it would also go well topped with sprouts or snow pea shoots. Or, try it with a generous dollop of tzatziki sauce on top.