For many of us it can be a very scary thing to break from the known, the comfort, and the patterns (of thought and action) so entrenched they seem to be a part of us.

This break from the known is The Daring Path.

While choosing to take The Daring Path can be scary it’s also a chance for a more alive, joyful, and vibrantly free life.

As humans, I actually think we are biologically pretty adept at determining risk. It’s our fear meter that is off the charts.

In it’s best role, fear excels at keeping us alive.

In it’s lesser role fear’s message is to hold onto known comforts and avoid risk because “you may fail”.

My message is not to risk it all, go forth, be a rebel, quit your job and set out on a ’round the world adventure.

While that’s certainly an option, to be daring it is not necessary to be extreme.

Here’s a more gentle approach to The Daring Path – one that puts fear in its place AND helps you feel grounded at the same time.

How to Put Fear in its Place So You can
Become the Person You Most Want to Be.

1. Listen for the body’s signals. Fear gives us messages every day and they come through the body and the mind. Do you get a daily headache on your drive into work? Do you feel restless as your head hits the pillow? These may be

2. Observe these signs without judgement and start to tune into your deeper wisdom.

3. Spend some time journaling, in reflection, meditation, or working with a trusted friend, coach, or counselor to identify the underlying cause.

4. Consider what changes – habits, lifestyle, diet, or mind set – may be needing a gentle shift (or an over-haul).

5. Weigh the risks of making some changes in your life. Maybe you don’t have to be “all in” or be “all or nothing”.

Courage can happen in small ways.

Maybe it’s enough to take one small step.

Dip a toe in the water. See how it feels. And reassess.

Then again, maybe you plunge right in to radical change.

Regardless of the size of the step you take each step is a step closer to who you want to become.

And, quite possibly a step closer to feeling more awake, vital, and alive then you have in a long time.

So listen.

Trust your intuition.

Trust that deep inner knowing.

Trust your body’s ability to feel and share wisdom.

Surprisingly the wisdom may be announced in a string of sleepless nights or in the set of a tight jaw and shoulders.

Your body gives you the signals so listen for those bells.

Listen to that voice that tells you if something is not quite right or if something is off.

And truly, know this: For as fear inducing as it can be to go towards the unknown, it’s also universally freeing and alive to choose to live in line with your deepest knowing.

It’s YOU who knows you best.

So listen in.

A yes to The Daring Path is a yes to the awake, vital, and vibrant life of your dreams.

With a daring loving heart,

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