I started this interview series because I wanted to know more about the people that are doing health differently and helping us to radically up-level our lives in all arenas.

Anna Grage is one of those people. Meet Anna!

Anna Grage is a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner whose goal is to help others achieve peace in their lives, attract love, and ultimately go after their life’s dreams with a clear head and a full heart. Her motto? “Heal the problems from within”. With a degree in Psychology and a teaching certificate to couple her EFT certificate, Anna Grage is a leader in this new-age field of EFT. She frequently spearheads local EFT events in Rhode Island and is accessible from anywhere with her extensive online resources. I am thrilled to get a sneak peek into just how Anna’s doing health differently…

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1. So what exactly is EFT? Is it new-age, a passing fad, or something real that’s here to stay?

First of all I want to say thank you for interviewing me, I am honored to be a part of your series. I am excited to share EFT with everyone, especially those unfamiliar with its truly astounding benefits.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It originated from acupuncture and other ancient Chinese healing arts. Basically EFT deals with the body’s energy system, specifically the meridians that run through your body. Meridians are like little energy highways that run through our body. Meridian points (aka acupressure/acupuncture points) are places energy enters & exits the body. At certain times in our life we experience intense emotions & traumatic events, these emotions can get stuck in our meridians. When this happens it can lead to physical, emotional, and mental pain and sometimes even lifelong pain and emotional issues. With EFT (also called “tapping”) you lightly tap the meridian points while talking out something your stressed or anxious about. It helps clear and release your blocks.

Tapping is also a wonderful way to supercharge affirmations…after you’ve cleared whatever is bothering you first! Sometimes people will gloss over their hurts and pains because it seems too scary to deal with, all your emotions want is to be heard and honored. Once you’ve done this with EFT you can let it go and move on to a happier and healthier you!

EFT is definitely here to stay! It’s getting so much medical and scientific support for its tremendous stress relieving abilities I think this is only the beginning for EFT. I am very excited to see all the positive ways it will transform lives while bringing more hope and love into our world.

2. Tell us how you became interested with EFT. What impact has it had on your life? And why did you choose EFT as opposed to other fields of study?

Well, in a sense EFT kinda chose me. I heard about EFT several years ago but I just wasn’t ready for it. It didn’t make sense to me so I went on about my life. Then in December of 2012 I woke up one morning in a tremendous amount of pain. My back was hurting so badly I couldn’t get out of bed. I literally rolled out of bed into the floor. I called my mom and she rushed over and took me to the doctor. For the next 2 months I visited numerous doctors seeking an answer and some kind of explanation. I had a bulging disc and severely degenerative discs/spine but physicians were unable to explain why or how my back got into such a terrible state. They suggested surgery and needles in my spine but couldn’t guarantee it would help alleviate my symptoms. My mom introduced me to a tapping expert and I started using EFT occasionally. Then I listened to the Tapping World Summit in 2013 and I noticed every time I tapped along with one of the EFT experts it felt like I’d taken a handful of Ibuprofen…this was without actually taking anything for my pain. I started tapping multiple times (10-15) a day and in a few weeks my pain was gone. I knew other people had to be introduced to this miraculous healing tool. I began teaching EFT to anyone and everyone who showed any interest. A few months later I became an EFT practitioner and I continue to share & teach EFT to others.

I’ve seen so many astounding shifts for myself, friends, family, and clients it’s truly remarkable! EFT has helped me heal physically and emotionally from traumatic events in the past. I have more confidence in myself than I’ve ever had and I’ve learned how to live with true passion and courage. Best of all I get to help others do the same. I am so very grateful for all I’ve learned on this remarkable journey.

3. What is the biggest benefit clients can expect when working with you? Is there anything you do that really sets you apart from other practitioners?

Anna Grage_pic2I respect, honor, and encourage my clients to make the necessary steps to achieve what they want. I give my clients clear and specific steps to take to get there quickly and I show them how important love is. EFT works because it’s based on love. Once you learn to love & value yourself no matter where you are, what size dress you wear, the kind of car you drive, and all the other ways we compare and rate ourselves…once you get past all of this you see who you truly are. The truth is we’re all magnificent. You can learn to honor your emotions and how to uncover your amazing gifts and talents. EFT gives you a way to release the dark thoughts, the painful feelings, and crippling fear to allow the light in once more.

4. I’m amazed at the amount of ways you have taken to get your word out. You have published a book, a YouTube channel, a website & blog, you contact people through Skype, phone and E-mail, conduct workshops, and also do one-on-one classes & sessions! How do you manage to keep up with all these means of communication?

I am extremely passionate about what I do. I want everyone to know about EFT so I’ve made it my mission to continuously share it in whatever way reaches others best. The more exposure tapping gets the more likely people will become familiar with it and start using it in their daily lives. I’ve seen too many people hurting, lost, and seemingly broken. I can’t stand by while others are hurting and feeling stuck when I know this extremely simple technique will help them transform their lives.

5. Your book, “Fall Head Over EFT for Her: Men Meet & Date the Woman of Your Dreams
With Emotional Freedom Technique” has received very promising reviews on Amazon.com. What was the reasoning behind writing it? And who is your target audience?

I started writing the book 7 years ago. Initially it started because I was disappointed with my boyfriend at the time and I felt if I wrote a book maybe he’d read it and finally understand what I wanted! I laugh thinking back to that time because I had so much to learn about relationships and love. Three years later I witnessed one of my dear guy friends struggling with women and the dating process. I looked back over my book and began adding a few things. I asked him if he’d proofread the book for me and he did. He started using the tips that I gave and they worked! I used the book to guide several more guy friends to a lovely lady. Last year I added a 4 week action plan and EFT scripts, the book transformed immediately and finally felt complete.

My target audience is mostly single men between the ages of 25-41 who are looking for a loving & committed relationship with a wonderful woman. Honestly, several of my women friends have read it and gotten a lot out of the book as well…so conceivably women could use the scripts and knowledge shared in the book to strengthen a current relationship or find a new one!

6. Between writing, running workshops, and coaching, you seem to have a full plate. Do you want to keep everything the way it is, or do you see yourself focusing on one particular aspect in the future? In other words, do you plan on developing a niche in the field of EFT?

That is an excellent question, Kyle! Because I love what I do a part of me wants to make everyone I meet my client and target audience. I am extremely passionate about helping others learn how to believe in themselves and finally stand fully in their power. In truth most of my clients are women. Since most of my clients are busy, professional women I am starting to focus more on them and their specific needs. I offer online sessions through Zoom (it’s like Skype). Zoom is an app you can put on any smart phone, that way if one of my clients is working or hours from my office she’s able to meet for her session. I am beginning to offer online talks, workshops, and monthly groups as well.

7. Obviously, getting to where you’re at now is no easy task. What were some of the most
difficult things you’ve had to conquer to get to where you are now?

The most difficult thing I experienced was truly believing in myself and not giving up. I moved to RI from SC about 7 months ago. Starting a new business can be difficult, especially when you move 14 hours away from a place you lived most of your life! People are not always excited about new comers, much less new comers that want to help them transform their life. I ran into some resistance from people and a few businesses. But I have been so blessed with the wonderful people I’ve connected with, including you, Kyle! Many people have been extremely gracious and kind…even though some of them think tapping on yourself looks really weird!! Chris and Sara from FloorTime Studios on in Middletown were the very first people to have me do a workshop about EFT. I was so nervous. They let me practice several times with them before the event. I am so thankful for them!

The main thing is to have perseverance and never quit! You can have a job and work your business, it is possible. Doing something each week is crucial to keeping a dream alive, doing something every day is much better!

8. Do you feel you get the same kind of connection with your students when communicating with them through E-mail and Skype as you do in-person?

At first I was opposed to the whole Skype thing but it’s grown on me. Several of my clients are hours away from me so coming to my office for a visit is out of the question. I’ve found sometimes people will share more over the phone or through Zoom earlier on than in person. I am extremely good at reading others energy whether they’re sitting in front of me or miles away from me. It’s a gift I’ve had since I can remember. I’m truly thankful to get to use it to help others push through any barriers they have to living a joy filled life.

9. Lastly, what can we expect from EFT with Anna G in the near future? How about in 5 years?

I want to reach and impact as many people as I possibly can with Anna G. EFT. I’d like to continue to grow my online business in addition to branching out more in RI. I want everyone to know, understand, and utilize EFT in their own way. It’s shifted my life and my client’s lives in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I continue to be amazed each day!

In five years I’d like to be traveling more, doing talks around the country and the world, and writing another book. I’d like to create a book that meets people where they dream. This book will give them options and alternatives to heal their pain, their frustration, and lack of believing…while allowing them to step into the confidence and energy needed to start creating those dreams. It’s my deepest wish for each individual to know that anything and everything is possible with more love, acceptance, forgiveness, and EFT!

Thanks Anna!

Anna Grage is a certified EFT Practitioner who specializes in increasing self-love & acceptance, creating & attracting in real love, and helping you achieve your dreams. You can find her at annageft.com and on Twitter @annagtweetz