I started this interview series because I wanted to know more about the people that are doing health differently and helping us to radically up-level our lives in all arenas.

Erica Sawers is one of those people. Meet Erica!

As a chiropractic physician, dietician, and a mother, Erica Sawers offers an abundance of knowledge about taking care of the body and creating a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to know what foods to eat, or what to do about your aches and pains, Sawers is determined to help you change your body for the better. Her blog at www.ericasawers.com contains a wealth of useful knowledge that is personable, intelligent, and relevant.

Now, let’s hear from Erica!


1. In your “About Erica” page, you talk about how the road to a healthy lifestyle is a personal journey; a journey that can even lead to some wrong turns. What are some wrong turns that you’ve encountered throughout your life, and how did you manage to get back on track

I define a “healthy lifestyle” as one that feeds your body, mind and spirit. In my early 20s I spent a lot of time obsessing about my weight and what I ate. I didn’t know how to value and care for myself. I also went down a long road in a relationship that didn’t serve me. It all boiled down to lack of self-love, and not knowing my true worth. One day I heard a voice inside that said- THIS ISN’T GOING TO BE MY LIFE and that was a big wake-up call on many levels. That was 10 years ago and it was true, that wasn’t going to be my life.

2. You became interested in Macrobiotics at age 16. Tell us how you got interested at such a young age. What role does Macrobiotics continue to play in your life?

It’s funny looking back at pivotal times in life. A family friend told me about it and he gave me a small book. To this day I still wonder what made him so insistent on telling me about Macrobiotics, or did he just tell everyone? I read it, studied the philosophy and started experimenting with the diet in the years that followed. Macrobiotics taught me to cut the junk, eat fresh, whole foods, and avoid sugar, dairy, and wheat. Those are principles which I continue to follow as part of my eating routine today.

3. What are some interesting things that you have discovered about people when getting to know their eating habits and exercise routines? How has working with others influenced your own eating and exercise habits?

A-day-at-the-Beach-Alexa-Erica-at-Home-0036What I’ve discovered is that it all starts with the internal monologue. It’s amazing what people will come right out and say that is clearly a mental block to good habits…for example, “I can’t give up XYZ!”, “I always have to do things the HARD way”, “I don’t have the body type for XYZ type of exercise”, “I can’t do XYZ with my schedule”, or “I can’t afford XYZ”. It makes me realize that we can do anything but it all has to begin with a mental shift towards intentional self-talk.

4. What is the process you take when you come across someone who wants your advice, but is resistant to taking action?

What a great question! It follows from the previous one. I work on helping my clients realize that they are manifesting the outcomes of their self-talk, or that their perceived PROBLEM is actually serving a purpose in some way in their lives. I also use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for releasing mental blocks including pain.

5. When working with a client, how important is it that you have their trust?

It improves outcomes to have a good report in a doctor-patient relationship which is one level of trust. The next level of trust is that they believe that I will be able to help them, or that I will tell them if I don’t think I can. That level builds over time and improves outcomes further. I value the relationships that have been built over time with my clients and I think they appreciate it too!

6. As someone who watches what they eat, it must be difficult to pass up your favorites dishes. Which foods are most challenging for you to give up?

I eat my favorite dishes every day. I make them from scratch and from ingredients that promote my health. I wish cheese promoted my health, but it doesn’t haha.

7. When performing chiropractic work, how crucial is your confidence level? Is there anything you do to mentally prepare yourself before you treat a client?

Being completely present with my clients is equally or even more important than confidence level. I mentally prepare myself for a client by clearing the slate so I can focus on them and their needs. You never know what a client may really need in a session until you listen and stay present.

8. How does ones physical health correlate directly to ones mental health?

Physical health follows good mental health. You can’t take great care of your health if your mind is in disarray.

9. How do you see your career/business evolving over the next 5 years? Would you like to grow more globally, or do you prefer to stay fairly local and retain that close, personable bond you have with your local patients?

I am working on a digital product and would love to grow with a mix of local and on-line business in the next 5 years. It’s lovely seeing clients in person but when you want to see real change in the world that your kids are growing up in you have to go global.

10. Lastly, what is the most important nutrition advice you would give to your daughter?

Choose foods that feed your body, mind and spirit and never regret a single bite!

Thank You Erica!


Erica Sawers is a a chiropractor based in Fairfield, CT. You can find her at her website @ http://www.ericasawers.com/ or on her Facebook page