I started this interview series because I wanted to know more about the people that are doing health differently and helping us to radically up-level our lives in all arenas.

Maxine Bornstein is one of those people. Meet Maxine!

For more than a decade, Maxine Bornstein has understood the positive impact of a gentle touch and loving attention to her patients. This has led her into the successful career in nursing and practicing Reiki, an ancient Eastern healing technique which harnesses the power of energy flow to enhance self-healing within our bodies.

Armed with a long list of both academic and professional credentials, among which include a Master’s Degree from Boston University School of Nursing and being a certified Nurse Coach and Intuitive Healer, Maxine believes in improving herself constantly so her patients get the most professional standard of care available. She has spent decades working in various healthcare facilities and with hundreds of clients in health enrichment and wellness and that gave her valuable experience in areas such as integrative/holistic nursing, wellness coaching, and energy healing, just to name a few.

So how did Maxine get to where she is today and what’s so fascinating about the art of Reiki? Join us as we find out from the Reiki Master.


1. You have a very strong belief in Reiki. How did you come across Reiki in those early days and what was it about Reiki that drew you to it?

Reiki came into my life quite by chance while I as out walking with my cousin Rose on Cape Cod over 15 years ago. We passed by a little shopping center in Mashpee, Massachusetts and noticed a sign on a stand advertising a free offering mini Reiki session from “LOVE HEALS.” We went up to Susannah Nathan’s (Ariel’s) office and tried Reiki. That was the first time Reiki came into my life and it has been with me ever since.

2. Do you see Reiki as a replacement/complement to modern medical treatment?

Reiki is definitely a complement to any treatment modality recommended by one’s health care practitioner because it nourishes and balances one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being, helping to relax a person and begin the self-healing process.

3. What was the biggest challenge when you started offering Reiki to people?

My biggest challenge when I first started sharing Reiki professionally with others was space – a place that was accessible, that was quiet and clean and that I could use at a fair price. I found a lovely professional office right at water’s edge I rented whenever I had a client. My first personal experience using Reiki with others was with family and friends and we could do that any place.

4. What sort of impact did your practice have on you personally and did your family and friends embrace it as an alternate form of treatment?

Reiki changed my life! Self Reiki has been my “go to place” and my treatment of choice all these years to help with relaxation, self-healing, impatience, and balancing my whole body. For example: If it’s in the middle of the night, and you can’t sleep-do a self Reiki treatment, If you are wanting to send love and healing to someone-send Reiki. In relation to my family and friend’s acceptance of my Reiki practice, some people were very curious right off about Reiki when I first was attuned to Reiki, others were a bit more skeptical and just now are wanting to experience this beautiful healing energy. You never push Reiki on anyone and always need their permission to share Reiki with them.

5. You have studied and trained extensively in order to obtain your Reiki certification. What kept you motivated, what kept you going through all those years of self-improvement and professional development?

That is a really good question to ask and it started me thinking about motivation and my relationship with Reiki healing energy. Truly, I could not keep myself back from learning about Reiki once I had experienced it and started to use it on a daily basis. I wanted to learn more and reach higher vibrations with my practice. The more one uses Reiki healing energy, the more they become Reiki. For me, Reiki is equal to love energy so how could you get too much of that. Being a Certified Holistic Nurse, Intuitive Healer and Nurse Wellness Coach has allowed me to share Reiki with more people and that brings us all healing and joy!

6. You have dedicated many years to Reiki therapy and you are now a Reiki Master. What do you most love about what you do for other people?

I love to help people learn how to help themselves and that is why I teach Reiki and attune students to Reiki. Reiki is so simple that even a child can use Reiki. I also feel a great deal of compassion for others and if I can help spread loving healing energy around in our world- what could be better?

7. Could you share with us just one of biggest success stories from helping so many individuals with Reiki?

reikibtseapicAs a nurse, I am gifted with the opportunity to be present with others at some of their most vulnerable and life changing times in their lives. I have been present and observed the great joy of watching people find comfort peace at the end of their lives simply by sharing Reiki healing energy. I made a home visit to a woman who requested to be attuned to Reiki as she had received Reiki while in the hospital as a patient and found it so comforting to her. Her family didn’t quite understand her feelings, but supported her in her request. And so I gave her a Reiki treatment and attuned her to Reiki. She said it gave her peace as she had never had a spiritual practice before and for the first time she was not afraid.

8. What would you say to any Reiki skeptics out there?

I would say to anyone reading this who has never experienced Reiki, “JUST TRY REIKI” and see for yourself. Best to do your homework and have a treatment/session with a practitioner who has been recommended, used Reiki for several years and has at least a Second Degree/Reiki 2 or above certificate of training and one whom you feel comfortable with. Many practitioners are members of professional groups and that is also helpful criteria when deciding who to choose.

9. What do you think can be done to help create better awareness on Reiki in the community or even in the country?

Reiki energy healing is booming now all over the world and that is a good thing. The more Reiki in the world=the more love in the world. Many practitioners are doing research with Reiki and are based in hospitals and other sites. By highlighting these outcomes and following through with case histories and Best Practice techniques with Reiki. Also, just offering free Reiki clinics, as I do, in Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport, RI helps people experience Reiki, just as I did!

10. Wrapping it up, what 3 words do you think your patients would use to describe Maxine Bornstein?

This is a tough question to answer. I would hope they would say that I am caring, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Thank You Maxine!

Maxine Bornstein is a Board Certified holistic registered nurse, Reiki Master/Teacher, Wellness Coach, and a Spiritual Healer/Intuitive Energy Practitioner. You can learn more about and connect with Maxine through her website @ www.reikibythesea.com.