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This year (thanks to COVID!) I skipped my bi-annual dental appointment and ended up with my first ever cavity.

This bummed me out, but it also got me thinking…

It’s no mystery that getting routine oral check-ups reduces the risk of costly and painful issues.

But, the lesser known truth is, regular check-ups are good for more than just teeth.

Clients at my physical therapy clinic arrive suffering with pain from preventable injuries such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and joint degeneration.

This costs them time, money, loss of mobility and activity, not to mention the frustration of having an injury.

Often, it’s far worse. Long term muscle imbalances and inadequate joint maintenance results in the need for chronic pain medicine, $50,000 knee replacements, and $100,000 spinal fusions.

We all know someone (maybe even ourself) who has had to have a joint replaced, lost a year playing a sport due to injury, or suffered long term with chronic joint pain.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Stay in The Game with Fit 360

It’s simple. Whether you play sports, hike trails, or chase after a toddler, being fit and mobile feels good and makes us happy.

I created Fit 360 to make sure we identify these mobility issues early. The goal is to keep muscles and joints healthy so you can stay active over a lifetime.

How it Works

With a bi-annual joint, muscle, and mobility screening you can stay on top of your joint health and avoid painful set-backs in your mobility.

Fit 360 includes evidence-based testing, mobility screening, and a comprehensive plan to help you stay “joint healthy” year after year.

In just under an hour you’ll have a clear snapshot of how you are as a mover, which joint and mobility issues you are at risk for, and what you can do to prevent costly and limiting injuries.

Let’s identify muscle imbalances and mobility limitations BEFORE they lead to joint break down.

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