Commit to daily movement
and to shaking up your routine.
Challenge yourself to try new things
even if at first you are not keen.

Exercise for you is paramount
as it will increase your energy.
Find something you can stick to
that will help prevent lethargy.

As your body is prone to weight gain,
go easy on the sweets.
Add in more veggies and whole grains-
with time they’ll become your new treats.

Prefer drier, warming climates
that help you feel your best.
Spend more time in the sun-
To relieve congestion from your chest.

Add heating spices to your meals
and favor foods that are light and warm.
Reducing sweet, sour, and salty tastes
will help your body best perform.

You have a gift-
a love that runs so deep.
Just remember not to get attached…
instead, love as if it’s not yours to keep.

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    Yoga on the beach, surrounded by great fienrds and delicious food…sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Love the banana leaves as plates, and the photography really seemed to capture the zen atmosphere. Nice post!

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