Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran of the Gulf War who was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again. Then he began practicing yoga.

This video shows his incredible transformation story….

It’s stories like these that remind us to trust in the real potential of change, growth, and transformation. We all get this choice, to trust and to try.

Stories such as Arthur’s and others motivate us to continue seeking the next level in ourselves. They teach us to persevere and reach higher. They remind us of our own higher potential and help us keep believing.

Playing the Cards in Your Hands:

Hypothetically speaking each moment of life we are holding a unique hand of cards – some cards are supportive (ie. clean water, a friend you can trust) and others are challenging (lack of health insurance, a chronic health condition).

The way I see it is that once you recognize your unique hand of cards you have a few choices:

1. You can sit the game out and watch as the game is played for you – it’s too _(risky, scary, unfair)__ to play.
2. You can lie and cheat yourself but still end up with the same cards, only compromised.
3. Or, you can show up to the game, accept your cards as they are, and play.

cards in your hands

Choosing to Play

It takes courage and self love to show up to the game with the cards you have. To say to yourself yeah, maybe I’d rather have other cards, but right now this is what I’ve got and, dammit, I’m gonna play!

If you choose this bold latter move, you make the decision to be stronger, do better, and reach higher (despite the odds).

If you choose to pursue change in your life, you enter into the unknown and open up to the potential of achieving your biggest dreams.

So how do you transform your own life?

Once we are inspired by a story like Arthurs our own dreams feel so possible we can almost taste them. Yet, we need to actually take the steps to get there.

For Arthur, he committed himself to his yoga practice. Others have found their way through radical lifestyle changes.

Most often, however, transformation that is lasting happens when we are deeply committed and have a big reason to change. It’s when we show up consistently over time that makes a difference.

Your Year to Health

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If you feel inspired by stories like Arthur’s maybe it’s time to discover your own potential for transformation?

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