My journey with yoga started in graduate school. To beat the stress of completing my doctorate in physical therapy I took up Vinyasa and Restorative yoga classes. I quickly developed a love and passion for yoga as I saw my body start to release emotional and physical tension and return to a place of peace.

The meditation and yogic breathing (pranayama) I learned in yoga became vital tools to help me cope with the transition from school to “the real world”.

When life started ramping up with a full-time job, bills, and boyfriends I took my practice to a deeper level by becoming a yoga instructor certified in Vinyasa yoga. I taught classes at local parks and studios and loved seeing students as they started to relax and breathe more deeply as they continued to practice.

It wasn’t long before I began to see a need for one-on-one therapeutic yoga. My clients came to me for various reasons including:

New to Yoga: Focused on building a basic understanding of safe alignment to prevent injuries common to group classes and learning to build a home practice.

Looking to Heal: Focused on rehabilitating from an injury and needing guidance on how to use yoga to facilitate their healing.

Going Deeper in Practice: Some clients simply wanted to go deeper in their practice and felt they needed more hands-on facilitation to transform their experience in more challenging poses.

The students I have helped have learned the value of developing a strong (yet safe) home yoga practice. Their practices help keep them feeling healthy, fit, and centered. I look forward to helping you develop a practice that feels empowered and makes an ongoing difference in your life.

To schedule a One-on-One Yoga lesson email me at kyle[AT] to set a time, date, and location. I offer private yoga lessons in the comfort of your own home here in Melbourne, Australia or online (via Skype).

Or, book a free 15 minute phone consultation for you to get to know me better. I’ll answer any questions you may have about therapeutic One-on-One yoga and we’ll get you started on the path you’ve been searching for – I look forward to working with you!