Enjoy this Quinoa Porridge on a cold fall or winter morning to nourish your body and get your taste buds popping.

With warming spices such as ginger and cinnamon this is a great breakfast option on cool mornings and during the wintertime. Subbing out these spices and using maple syrup instead is a great way to make it Pitta-friendly (see Doshic alternatives below) and a better option for summer.

Quninoa is an elegant pseudo-grain that comes in first for protein. It also aids in provides antioxidant protection, boosts the immune system, quells headaches and migraines, and supports cardiovascular health. But before you jump into cooking up this wonder grain always rinse it first to remove the bitter saponin coating (which serves as a natural insect repllent). *Click here for a Cooking Up Prana Tweetable*

You will thank yourself if you prepare extra quinoa in advance of busy mornings…this way the porridge has about a 3 minute prep time (so while you’re not reducing your health standards to that of instant oatmeal, you don’t have to put the steel cut oats on 45 minutes in advance either).

Once the quinoa is prepared it’s as simple as warming the ingredients over medium heat and topping with your desired nuts and spices. (if I’m planning on a day full of activity and exercise I’ll make sure to add in more nuts and perhaps some chopped dates to give me an extra kick of energy).