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Boulder physical therapist and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Kyle Willets, DPT, PT and her team work with patients in Boulder, CO and via telehealth.

Our Commitment To You

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Provide effective and holistic solutions so you can avoid unnecessary pain pills, procedures, and surgery.

Food Is Medicine

Offer evidence-based approaches. As your Boulder physical therapists and functional medicine practitioners, we offer you solutions that are safe, side-effect free, and proven to work.

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Identify and address the root cause of your concerns rather than only the symptoms so you can experience long term relief.

Dr. Kyle A Willets, PT, DPT – Founder

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Functional Medicine Practitioner (she/her)

Dr. Kyle Willets, a board-certified physical therapist in Boulder, CO with nearly two decades of experience is the founder of Alpine Fit. She received high honors as a doctoral level graduate from Ithaca College and went on to be nationally recognized as a leader in the field.

Synergistic Dry Needling

Dr. Charlotte Robinson, PT, DPT, Synergistic Dry Needling

Director of Rehab & Senior Physical Therapist (she/her)

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Charlotte Robinson graduated from the University of Colorado Doctor of Physical Therapy program and went on to specialize in sports medicine and orthopedics. She works at the Boulder Clinic specializing in shoulder injuries in rock climbers, bikers, and overhead athletes.  

Dr. Jason Summers, PT, DPT

Senior Physical Therapist (he/him)

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jason Summers received his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Colorado. He joins Alpine Fit PT with extensive experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. Jason utilizes a holistic approach to treat each patient as a unique individual. He has a deep understanding of functional biomechanics and has years of experience working with athletes and weekend warriors as a physical therapist in community recreation centers. 

Dr. Asha Anand Physical Therapy
Massage therapy Boulder

Alicia Ramos

Senior Massage Therapist (she/her)

  • Alicia graduated in 2015 from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in MA
  • Since then she’s had almost a decade of experience working in PT clinics, chiropractic offices, spas, and therapeutic based clinics
  • Alicia loves assisting getting the body into its peak performance. She discovered my love for a more orthopedic style to massage after working the Boston Marathon post race. She saw the benefits to athletes and how massage is such a part of not only preventive maintenance but also helps with recovery.
  • Her approach to massage is relaxing, yet therapeutic allowing her to be able to work on acute and chronic ailments. Her style integrates structural alignment techniques and uses active and passive ROM, pin and stretch technique, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and cupping, among others
  • Alicia provides a depth range from Swedish to deep to focused sports massage therapy to provide both stress and pain relief.
  • “My approach to massage therapy is a back-to-basics approach, especially in healthcare. My philosophy to massage is that it’s not a luxury, it’s where to start! ~ Alicia

Talula Bear

Therapy Pup

Specialist in Cuddles & The Official Alpine Fit Greeter

Talula is a 6-year old hypoallergenic mini labradoodle. When she’s not in the office she can be found running at the base of Boulder’s flatirons and chasing balls with her dog park buddies. Her favorite snack is salmon skin which she hears makes her coat shiny and her digestive system healthy. 

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