One day I’ll look back and say, “2011 was the year I never stayed in one place long enough to clean a toilet”. And it’s true. Brimming with travel and adventure, visits with family and friends, I packed and unpacked an average of once a week over the last year.

All the while, Tal kept minimizing his pack more and more and highlights (for both of us) included the acquisition of a few pairs of industrious, quick drying underwear that make carrying 10+ pairs of undies a thing of the past. What a space saver!

Oh the things I have learned. Tal has kept me up to the minute on the global economic climate and taught me insider’s tips on Understanding Money. I’ve kept him fueled with my newly attained Ayurvedic cooking skills and humorous exposés as well.

I’ve learned how to box and throw elbows.

I’ve challenged myself with 4 AM moon-lit surfing in Sri Lanka.

…And I’ve learned to relax as well.

2011 has been a year of celebration. I’ve met many of Tal’s friends in Australia and Israel and felt their openness and acceptance. We’ve shared meals, laughs, and good times with new friends in Sri Lanka. Our two families and my friends met in the USA and celebrated our union and love. Tal experienced (survived 🙂 ) the holidays in snowy New England and we brought in the New Year with my grandmother in sunny Florida.

All of that and, strangely, I still don’t miss cleaning a toilet! Go figure. Who knows, I might not have to wait that long; 2012 will be a year of some travel and a bit more staying in one place. We’re both Designing our Dream Years which will include an emphasis on creating an online business, obtaining residency in Australian, and, with a little bit of luck, creating a mini lush herb garden ready for cooking.

Be well and keep in touch in 2012. May it be a year of dreams coming true!