Build your seated posture from the ground up.

1. Foot/Ankle Position: 

  • YES – Feet flat on the ground or resting on a foot rest.
  • NO – Ankles crossed. Feet up on the leg of the chair.

2. Pelvis Position: 

  • YES – Hips back in the chair as far as possible. Equal weight on each sit bone. Hips at 90 degrees.
  • NO – Cross your legs. Lean to one side.

3. Back Position: 

  • YES – Utilize a back rest. Keep your upper back upright and shoulders relaxed.
  • NO – Sit unsupported. Round your spine.

4. Arm/Wrist Position:

  • YES – Support your forearms. Elbows at 90 degrees. Wrists are neutral.
  • NO – Elbows flexed >90. Wrists flexed or extended.

5. Head/Neck Position:  

  • YES – Eyes are level with midpoint of the monitor positioned 20 in away. Maintain ears in line with shoulders (not forward).
  • NO – Don’t position monitor down, up, or to the side.

6. Remember to Move!

  • YES – Set an alarm to get up every 45 minutes. Stay well hydrated so you must get up and walk to the bathroom periodically. 
  • NO – Sit for a prolonged period even in the “perfect posture”.

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