Plant your feet into the earth
to ground yourself with poise & grace.
Strike a balance to unwind
and gently slow your pace.

Build strong routines and practices
to support you in your day-
This anchored, health-sustaining lifestyle
will hold you as you find your way.

With proper care and good alignment
your natural balance is regained.
With practice, patience, and time
this delicate state will be maintained.

Release yourself from worries
while filling yourself with acceptance.
Observe your breath and sensations
to experience your brilliance.

There are no right or wrong choices
only slow, simple changes.
Keep committed to your self-discovery
and you’ll see life through softer lenses.

There is no finish line
no “perfect health” to acheive.
Just an ever-broadening circle of self-awareness
in that you can believe.

By: Kyle Anne Willets