Yoga is for everyone! Whether you have a bendy body or liken your body to a stiff unmovable board, yoga can be for you. The body is merely the vehicle for the experience. From the body, we learn about impermanence and possibility as it shifts and changes.

Tight hamstrings are an excellent teacher. While experiencing a challenging pose the work is done on that edge of comfort and discomfort, the dance that exists between complacency, effort, and force. Each of us has our own unique challenges presented to us by our bodies.

The bendy body has to work harder to create stability and control with the increased degree of movement. The tight muscled body is challenged to release and surrender resistance and tension. All of this is yoga, the awareness, the connection of mind, body, and spirit and the growth that comes with sustained commitment and practice. It is for this reason that yoga offers rewards and enriches the life for each and EVERY body.

Yoga teaches the cultivation of body wisdom and confidence. As you develop a greater awareness of your body and how it works, you will be able to find the balance between effort and force, respond to the messages your body sends you, and keep yourself safe.

No matter what kind of body-type you have- bendy, stiff, or somewhere in between, focus on the sensations of your body, breathe into them, and the experience will be profound.